3D designed Aliens in HYPE style are going to conquer the Metaverse with their whole army.

About us

Hype Aliens are modern art in the form of NFT designed by six friends creating a team. 2,222 unique 3D NFTs created on Ethereum blockchain combined with exceptional style, use-case and community are going to make HYPE ALIENS a leader in the world of NFT.

As Team HYPE ALIENS we aspire to conquer the Metaverse world together with our splendid Community! We wish to win the hearts of a multitude of people so they, just like us, love our project and create it with us! HYPE ALIENS will land on Earth as soon as February 2022 and at that moment a new era will come to the Metaverse!


Unique NFTs


Unique Items


Legendary Artworks


Whitelist Mint

Owners of our NFTs will get places on Whitelists for many other equally desirable NFT projects.


HYPE ALIENS community will have access to numerous events hosted around the globe! We desire that our holders have access to the greatest parties in the world with VIP status! Parties on yachts in Dubai or Miami are in the planning phase!

Cars Club

Cars Club is one of many elements to our project! We wish to create a cars club so that the membership is only available to the owners of our HYPE ALIENS! Lamborghini, Ferrari, Bentley, McLaren… that and more awaits for our Community!


To crank up the interest in our project even more we will organize a giveaway with valuable prizes every few months! Ferrari or Lamborghini will find its way to one of our holders!


As a project that identifies with the HYPE style we want to create our own Merch based on individual NFTs! It will be glorious to see our NFT in real world, won’t it?





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2,222 unique 3D NFTs created on Ethereum blockchain combined with exceptional style, use-case and community are going to make HYPE ALIENS a leader in the world of NFT.


This roadmap outlines our goals and where we want to take HypeAliens. We have a lot of ideas and concepts that we are working on.

01 - Drop
HYPE ALIENS were created in quantity of 2,222 pieces and each one of them required maximum care and dedication to ensure quality of purchase for our investors! Among the 2,222 items, over 50 are Legendary and unique which makes them the true rarities in our collection. Hopefully their prices will soar into space gaining at least 10x-20x multiplier in relation to the mint price!
02 - Reveal
Before reveal we want to provide our aliens with considerable amount of advertisement to make the collection price skyrocket immediately after reveal! We have a definite plan to get it right. How will you react to a cooperation with the most famous boxing star?
03 - Strong united community
In the case of many great collections the community is the main success determinant and we have a stunning one! As a long-term project we take care of our community and make sure you can contact us at any time of day and night. We adore the nocturnal chat on Discord! But that’s not all, we want to go a step further! We aim to unite us all into a family that will clearly set the minimal selling price of our NFT to 1 ETH. It will give over 7-10x profit for each of our investors! Sounds great, doesn’t it? And that’s just the beginning!
04 - Giveaways
To take care of long-term development of our community we organise a Giveaway now and will organise numerous further ones in the future! All income from OpenSea commissions will be relayed to the project expansion! It will ensure that we will be talked about, loudly.
How about the first Giveaway in March and giving out a 2022 Lamborghini Huracan EVO? The equivalent of almost $320,000!
05 - Events in Dubai, LA and Miami
Life doesn’t consist of only endless investments, one has to also relax for the mental health well-being. We invite everyone to our events and parties on exclusive yachts surrounded by beautiful women, handsome men and fast cars! The first party will take place in Dubai between 20-29 April (to be specified with our community).
06 - Upcoming NFT platform
We are in the middle of realising a platform that will propose the NFT projects and select the most valuable of them. It will be a separate project with the goal of becoming a competition to services like R**** S*****! Every holder of our NFT will be guaranteed a Whitelist in chosen projects on that platform. It will be one of a key point for a full-time NFT investors.
07 - Our Own Token
For further development we released our own token on Ethereum network that will help us with handling the staking platform. The Token will at first go to Uniswap - a decentralized stock exchange - then we will try to get a listing on the biggest CEX in the world! Token Presale will be held in the middle of March 2022.
08 - Staking Platform
Staking Platform is our priority to secure certain earnings for our investors! Only the owners of HYPE ALIENS and people they invite will have access to our platform! It will probably be named “XPad”. A person inviting others will get guaranteed reward of 5-10% from invited people and the staking profits! The number of places will be severely restricted to maintain the liquidity of funds! Platform will be probably launched at the end of March 2022.
09 - Mobile game
In the late April or early May 2022 our goal will be to release a simple mobile game featuring the Aliens living on a planet based in Blockchain that will allow the owners of HYPE ALIENS to be rewarded with ETH every 60 minutes with Smart Contract! The game will be strongly related with our own token that we introduced above.
10 - Cooperation with Celebrities
After releasing all the platforms listed above we will be a complete project! No celebrity will be able to refuse a cooperation with us! We will aim for the greatest collaborations possible. HYPE ALIENS is going to conquer the Metaverse and cryptocurrency worlds!
11 - Metaverse & 3D scanning
It will be something truly awesome… For now it will remain a secret… TBA

The Aliens Team

team1 strategy & operations lead


Cryptocurrency and Metaverse enthusiast! Privately automotive and around the world travel lover.

team2 artist / wizard


Artist specializing in 3D design and movie production. High-fashion enthusiast!

team3 2D Artist / Front-end Developer


Artist specializing in 2D design. Front-end Developer.

team4 Community Team Manager


A charismatic and articulate speaker. Can manage team affairs. Game lover.

team5 Community Manager


A woman of many talents, not afraid of challenges, she always puts the good of the community above all else.

team6 Discord Developer


He manages the discord, introduces new products that people ask for. He loves challenges that He always pursues!


When do HYPE ALIENS land on Earth?

HYPE ALIENS plan their Earth-coming at the end of February 2022! Let us all be ready and watch out for their spacecraft!

How many HYPE ALIENS will be created?

There will be only 2,222 pieces!

What lies at the base of the project’s success?

Responsibility for the project’s success lies in the unique execution style of our 3D aliens, exceptional clothing choices, modern jewelry e.g. on teeth and much more, but especially the community we are creating together!

How to contact the team?

Contact with us is really easy and within your reach! Join our Discord and there you can contact us w